MWC 2019

MWC 2019 Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone

The following about some smartphones that will be present this year, can be heard from various sources regarding smart telephone companies in the world. MWC 2019 via the 2019 MWC, the possibility of Samsung, Apple iPhone and others will soon introduce their flagship product design as soon as possible.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected for dispatch at some point this late spring. The Galaxy Note 9 Samsung divulged last August was absolutely a head-turner, so by what means will Samsung make what's basically the best Android telephone available stunningly better? We've effectively heard a lot of gossipy tidbits toward that path, both about the Galaxy Note 10 and about the Galaxy S10 which will arrive first. This is what we know up until now.

Galaxy Note 10

Now we know Samsung's approach to the design of the Galaxy Note series: a large handset, with a minimal bezel and a curved screen.

Another report in Asian media showed Samsung might push the screen size into a 6.66-inch bag in an effort to stay ahead of the package. 4K and HDR support must also be included, making this potentially one of the greatest displays ever in front of a smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked

Render the Samsung Galaxy Note 10-The concept video treats us to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in copper, light blue and purple, although it's a little too early to speculate on the type of color the giant handset will enter. Three options plus black are the colors for the Galaxy Note 9, so we might see a similar range in 2019.

And what about the notch? Rumors say the Galaxy S10 will display a pinhole in the corner of the screen, rather than a conventional curve, but so far the indication is that the Galaxy Note 10 will remain completely free of notches. This is one of the design choices that can work well.

We think that the big appearance that dominates the front of the device and the minimal rear glass behind is what we should expect from the Galaxy Note 10. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus should give us more clues when they show in the first half of this year, so we will have a better idea in a few months.

Samsung Galaxy F
Samsung Galaxy F
Samsung has developed its folding smartphone and the public may have seen the Samsung Galaxy F, which is expected to come in the first half of 2019. Samsung Galaxy F will be a showcase for the technological capabilities of the giant, especially in smartphone design. In addition to the Infinity Flex Display screen, this smartphone will also be armed with a new Samsung OS, OneUI, for a better Android 9 user experience.

 Apple iPhone (2019)

2019 iPhone

Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR were announced early September this year. If the world of technology will follow the same pattern, Apple will most likely announce the 2019 iPhone around September next year. There are rumors that the iPhone next year will have a triple camera equipped with advanced 3D sensing technology and will use stereoscopic vision, but this rumor has been halted after Apple reports circulated that it will most likely maintain a dual camera setup. In addition there are sources that mention that the Apple Pencil will become the ranks of the 2019 iPhone.