New Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Led Notification

New Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Led Notification

This guide discloses how to kill the Galaxy S9 notice light at the highest point of your telephone. While Samsung's warning LED is useful and gives you data without turning on your screen, it's additionally exceptionally diverting. We'll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to modify it a bit, or simply dispose of it totally.

Sitting at the upper left of the screen, this light flashes amid approaching calls, messages, and shows battery charging levels. Moreover, it flickers relentless for missed calls or new warnings. In this way, regardless of whether it's excessively diverting during the evening, or you're in a film theater and need to dispose of it, we'll demonstrate to you how. Besides, the Galaxy S9 has a dependably in plain view giving us data initially, so the notice LED is only one more diversion we needn't bother with.

What do the notification light colours mean?

The LED indicator is located at the top left of the front of your device. It can display various colours such as blue, red and green.

These colours are for standard notifications and functions of your device.

- Pulsing: the device is turning on or off.
- Blinking: there is an unread notification (missed call, message etc) or during voice recording.

- Glowing: connected to a charger and charging.
- Blinking: connected to a charger but not charging, or when low on battery.

-Glowing: connected to a charger and fully charged.
-Blinking: fully charged.