Samsung Galaxy S9, what we want to see

Samsung Galaxy S9: what we want to see

Samsung is one of the world's leading brands of Android smartphone industry. Samsung has just launched its latest flagship device that is Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. We know it's too early to discuss the date and price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 . Samsung itself will launch the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 EDGE in the near future, and speculation has started what will be the features of Samsung Galaxy S8. Besides there are many people who are looking for Galaxy S9 and S9 EDGE remaining one more year to launch because not yet satisfied with the presence of Samsung galaxy S8 and S9.
www.tutorialmanual.comSamsung Galaxy S9 is now available in outlets and online. However, the new Samsung will develop a replacement Samsung S8. Though it will not be surprising, it is still much earlier than expected. And this is good information for Samsung's flagship smartphone fans. For starters, we all know that Samsung is currently only too big to keep a secret. The organization is not ready to stop the Galaxy S9 leak in the near future before Samsung Galaxy S9 launching. The sooner the Samsung company starts to build the Galaxy S9, the faster the S9 galaxy is introduced to the Public.
Price, Release Date & Features Samsung Galaxy S9
But that's not the real reason why it's so great to hear the Galaxy S9's progress going on. The fact that Samsung is working on the following Galaxy S9 flags a few months before the plan shows that Samsung is paying extra attention to product quality, and this is great news for Samsung's customers. In addition, an earlier start can result in an early launch. This season, Samsung needs to hang up the story and the release of Galaxy S9 to overcome the Galaxy Note 8's recall lap and to ensure the next flagship will not meet the same fate.

A study at the Bell suggests the growth of Samsung Galaxy S9 started well because of things that are not in the memories with the Galaxy Note7 year ago. "Since the end of last month, a display production for the S9 has begun its development aiming to generate samples from mid-April," according to reliable sources. Galaxy S9 is likely to be present in two measurements similar to the Galaxy S9, but different specific facts are unknown at this time.

Reports from the source also depict the Galaxy Note 8, known internally as "Project Excellent," which will also be developed by Samsung itself. This Samsung's galaxy note 9 iphone has an Infinity 6.32 inch screen and may be equipped with a fingerprint sensor incorporated into the screen like the upcoming iPhone Apple 8. A report earlier this week said that the Samsung Galaxy X phone is at least two decades away, Causing the first fordable Galaxy rumor. The handset may start late this season.
Release date of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung S9 series is one of the most popular smartphone series from South Korean company. The first phone was introduced in June 2010 and then every successor became a great hit topic in terms of number of devices sold. Most of the Galaxy S9 series phones released in April&may, so expected Samsung will soon release the release date of its new Galaxy S9

Design and Specs Samsung Galaxy S9
The new Galaxy S9 has an all-glass body compared to modern smartphones. Galaxy S8 comes in two sizes - the S8 with a 5.8-inch screen, measuring 148.9 x 68.1 x8.0 mm, and the S8 plus with a 6.2 inch screen, with dimensions of 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm.
The physical Home button has been removed and replaced with a pressure-pressure panel placed beneath the screen so that the front of the device is a thin glass.
This Samsung's fingerprint reader is located on the back of the phone, next to the camera module. The iphone also supports iris scan for additional security. So many users are facing problems with this.